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From Sharp Minds Come Sharp Products™. Since the introduction of the Ever Sharp mechanical pencil in 1915, Sharp has had an ongoing history of developing technologically-advanced products that meet consumer and business demands. Sharp is the world leader in LCD technology, and one of the largest electronic technology companies in the world.

Objective: To create an Intranet site that would make important new information and training materials available to the SHARP team.

The Challenge: Regardless of the fact that the SHARP staff members are highly trained, computer-savvy individuals, they are not in the business of training their people to design and code HTML pages to disseminate important information to their staff.

The BLAZE inter. NET Solution: After discussions with Mr. Colin Regina, the SHARP Senior Manager Of Education Services, it was obvious that he knew exactly what he wanted. Having already established an excellent relationship with Mr. Regina during the creation of the SHARP Electronics AR-C150 Training CD-Rom the year before, it was just a matter of following the same creative process that had already proven extremely successful. The Blaze staff listened intently and furiously took notes as Mr. Regina quickly threw out idea after idea. As quickly as it began, it was over. The life of a Senior Manager at SHARP Electronics is a busy one, so quick understanding and absolute retention is required when a busy man has only a few minutes to spell out a complicated project.

BLAZE inter.NET went to work interpreting Mr. Regina's ideas and requirements. Using their extensive knowledge of database programming and site design, the BLAZE team created a proposal for an updateable Intranet site that would allow SHARP managers to easily cut and paste information into a password- protected administration area. The updateable Intranet site would immediately provide vital information to the desktops of employees and dealers all over the country.

One of the main elements of the site is the Online Seminar area. Not only does this area have update and edit features, it also provides SHARP managers the ability to create new pages on the fly. Whenever SHARP has a new class for their staff, the manager enters the course information into the administration area and it is displayed in one of three corresponding areas, Color, Printer/Copier or Solutions. After entering the class name, the program automatically creates a new page on the fly for that class. The SHARP staff can then add any number of seminars required to complete each class. The SHARP staff creates their own seminars in Microsoft Powerpoint with the help of templates supplied by BLAZE inter.NET. When a seminar is completed, it can then be uploaded to the Intranet via the administration area.

Other updateable features of the site include Frequently Asked Questions, Meet The Staff, and a What's New area to keep the SHARP staff up-to-date on all current events. The What's New link is found on the Intranet home page.

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